Yes/No Foods List

“Food is a very important part of one’s health and, I believe, healing. I often share a list of foods that I, personally, avoid, explaining why I avoid them and what I use as an alternative!”~ Bärbel Aldridge, Naturopath 

I avoid – Pork

  •  -The meat may contain toxins that are very difficult to remove
  •  -Creates uric acid that contributes to joint inflammation like arthritis and    gout

As a replacement, I like to use organic or free-range beef, bison, chicken or turkey. These are healthy alternatives for those of us who eat meat. Please do keep in mind that there are differences between conventional and organic meat, in how they impact our bodies and the environment. I also like to avoid pesticides, antibiotics and GMOs (genetically modified organisms) and the only way to be sure is to eat organic. 

I avoid – Tuna & Shellfish (shrimp, mussels, oyster, crab, lobster, scallops):

  • -The feeding habits of these fish concentrate toxins in their bodies and in the bodies of those who eat them, especially raw.
  • -Tuna is known to have high levels of toxic metals because almost everything they eat has concentrated metals in its tissues.

As a replacement, ocean and fresh water fish are generally okay, excluding bottom feeders like flounder and catfish. I like to use fish such as trout and salmon.

I avoid – Peanuts:

  • -These are a legume, like peas and lentils, NOT a nut. Because they are in the legume family, they are difficult to digest raw.  
  • -They are grown underground and tend to be moldy, and mold produces aflatoxin, which is a carcinogenic.

As a replacement, I eat nuts! Fresh, raw nuts including almonds, walnuts, pecans, and almond butter. You can store these in the freezer to ensure freshness!

I avoid – Soda:

-I believe they are stressful and damaging to the body for the following reasons:

  • Very high level of sugar or corn syrup
  • Very acid forming
  • Toxic to your cells
  • Highly addictive
  • Rough on the kidneys, liver and pancreas

I drink pure water as my main beverage. I also enjoy herbal tea for the many health benefits. Coffee and black teas are okay in moderation.

I chose to share this list with you because of the negative effects I believe these foods have on our metabolism (all physical processes that take place in the body). Limiting and then eliminating these things is a strategy for wellness that we here at Healing Ways have all embraced. Most diets fail because the change is too radical. Changing gradually and keeping one’s balance will produce success!

“In this world, habit is king. You don’t throw him out of the palace; you coax him out one step at a time.” – Mark Twain