Success Stories






As I said when I was in your office, after my last visit and the regimen  that you put me on, I was so energetic and uplifted in my outlook, that I took on a 15- month political campaign.  I had never run for office before. It was an amazing experience and I must attribute my sustained energy and ability to take on such a monumental challenge and task to the healing that I felt from your treatment and recommended protocol.

I could not have imagined or attempted to do it without feeling so much energy and improvement after I was on the supplements for only a few weeks.  I was so renewed and restored.

I am now serving in my political capacity and I am so grateful- it is so rewarding.

I am grateful that I have you to continue my health and wellness treatments to sustain my energy and vitality.

Thank you and I look forward to our next visit.



My journey with Barbel Aldridge began in 1993. I was a new mother who wasn't recovering from the birth process. My boyfriend at the time saw Barbel for detoxifying purposes and introduced us. I immediately felt welcomed and relieved.

Prior lifestyle choices left me looking and feeling much older than my 23 years, so I gratefully started working with Barbel. We continued for many years, including the time she invested in her Naturopathic education.

In my late 30's auto-immune diseases arrived in my life. I had hypothyroidism, Hashimoto's disease, and re-activating Epstein-Barr syndrome. Life was symptomatic, disrupted, and full of endless fatigue. After much trial and error traditional medicine stabilized part of my issues. But I was still very sick.

I started seeing Barbel as my Naturopathic Doctor for all my chronic issues. She was responsible for me getting my life back. Barbel gave me the knowledge and the tools, and my responsibility was following through.  Her abilities and education were vital to my recovery. I am certain severe chronic illness and even disability would have been my "non-life" had we never met.

Her guidance motivated my choices on life, work, and daily habits. I came to think of her as a mentor and friend. At 48 I look and feel better than I have in years, so my body, mind, and spirit thank you from the bottom of my heart!



I just wanted to thank you for well.... everything. You were such an inspiration in my life, so full of knowledge, and know-how, and guidance, and just pure love. You healed my body into giving life to not one, but two, healthy babies. You were very patient and understanding, and I hope forgiving, as it took me a long time to pay my outstanding balance. You have been a beacon of light in my life, and I hold you near and dear to my heart.

Thanks again Barbel, for giving me LIFE!!

The first time I met Barbel I could tell she really cares about her clients and really takes the time to listen to get to know you. I first came to her looking for some help with some skin issues and just a general lack of feeling well. She took the time to go over my history and ask great questions to help her determine what might help me. Her nutritional guidance helped me lose 28 pounds over the course of about 4 months and I slowly regained my energy levels and stopped feeling like I needed a long afternoon nap! My skin has never looked better and I now know what contributes to my issues. My family doctor was very pleased with my new cholesterol levels and my blood pressure and he released me from the cholesterol medication and lowered my blood pressure medication. I have recommended Barbel to many of my friends and family and will continue to do so.


Thank you. Thank you.  Clearly being led to you is a gift for me. You are awesome, intuitive, caring, bold, sensitive, powerful, empowering and precious. WOW! I am honored to be called into joining you in some very powerful, life altering service.


I want to thank everyone at Healing Ways for the help and understanding I received.

I was so down and exhausted when I made my appointment. I needed help because I could barely make it through a working day. My improvements went quickly. My boss noticed an increase in energy and concentration. Other people have noticed it too. I don't feel like I need to sleep during the day anymore and it feels like I sleep more deeply at night. I haven't felt this good in a while.


I’ve know Barbel for 18 years. I originally began seeing her while on a path to renewed self discovery after a divorce. At the time, she assisted me in reacquainting myself with self-appreciation and love—something I’d lost during the course of the marriage.

From the age of 18, I’ve tried to be mindful of the foods I eat and have taken care of my body—I had a great mentor in a brother who ate organic foods and juiced vegetables from the time of the 1970s forward. So I was all the more delighted to get to know Barbel as we discussed healthy eating and she gave me her “green drink” recipe for the first time many years ago!

I’ve been an open and mindful client as I’ve worked with Barbel, heeding her skillful expertise and her powerful intuitiveness. Her methods have assisted me in health issues including menopause, cystic ovaries, and currently in my experience with osteoporosis. Personally I believe in the mind, body, spirit connection and that as our body’s makeup and chemistry is ever changing, all elements of our being interact with those changing processes. Barbel’s methods observe the vitality and functionality of each organ and system of the body, then she determines the body’s responses to its needs through her high quality supplement sources.

I’ve recommended her services to family and friends—my husband and she have also become close as she’s helped him through the years with health matters. If you are open to the principals of Naturopathy, whether or not there is a particular issue you’re dealing with, I highly recommend you make a consultation appointment with Barbel.


I’ve never been better!! Almost totally out of medicine, only ½ pill left.  It is a lot better. Thank you so much. Haven’t had any urinary infections since I came to you. I used to have them a lot.


Because I have Tourette's Syndrome, I have had to live with the negative side effects of strong medications for a total of 28 years. The side effects were so bad I had to use a walker part of the time. Conventional doctors could not help. Finally after 6 holistic practitioners later, I came to Barbel and she knew the answers and enabled me to reduce my pharmaceuticals and still control my Tourette's. Of my 3 meds, I have reduced 2 to a very tiny dose. And I am slowly now decreasing the 3rd, and no more walker. Barbel also had answers for other health problems. I now wake up each morning eager for a new day and thankful to God for Barbel.


Again and again, I have seen Bärbel Aldridge’s intuition becoming perception. Her ability to locate a complicated condition and to address it amazes me. Integrating the Ondamed technology, her genuine empathy and a regime of supplements, Bärbel  has given me a clear sense of my recovery.


I wanted to go and find a natural solution and I found it with Bärbel. After doing what she recommended for me and tested with the Biofeedback device, my GERD has never been better. It's almost totally gone and I need only 1/4 of a pill of my medicine once in a while. Hypertension has normalized as has my diabetes II . Of course I had to change my lifestyle a bit but it was worth it for the results. Thank you so much. Also I haven't had any urinary infections since I came to her. I used to have them a lot.

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I went to see Bärbel for digestive/gut issues. I was not able to easily digest food, so I didn’t eat much because I didn’t want to have a stomach ache and inflammation. Bärbel did a thorough assessment of the problem/symptoms and develop a treatment to help me restore my digestive system. Shortly after I started the treatment I started noticing a great improvement in my digestive system. I was extremely happy that I was able to eat and not have a stomach ache or inflammation afterwards. Bärbel is truly amazing and I am very thankful for everything she has done for me. She offered me practical advice in between appointments which helped in the healing process. She empowered and guided me toward overall wellness. I highly recommend Bärbel!


I now have more energy.   I used to feel exhausted all the time. I feel better because of food choices Bärbel helped me make. I can feel it.  I feel like I get more sleep at night. I am excited about this. And my period normalized from 3 days heavy bleeding to 5-6 days normal.


I received a diagnosis of osteoporosis in about 2005. I was not willing to treat with medication so I consulted with Bärbel Aldridge of Healing Ways. She recommended that I begin treatment with the Ondamed machine with Doug Aldridge at their office. I have been treated for about 2 years, starting in 2006 and have had my bone density tested two times in that period. Both times the density has improved and the most recent test indicates an improvement of 6.8% which is nearly at the stage of osteopenia rather than osteoporosis. I feel that the Ondamed treatments combined with the other things I do are a significant factor in this improvement.  I plan to continue.