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Digestive issue, challenging patient

I was referred to Bärbel by my integrative medical doctor as she could not help me with my digestive problems. Bärbel was not only able to fix my problem, she also improved my overall digestion. I am a challenging patient, as I have no thyroid, gallbladder, uterus, or ovaries. We worked together over the past several years, and she has helped me improve my health overall. I find her to be very intuitive, and I trust her recommendations. She has extensive knowledge, and I would recommend anyone who has a challenging problem go see her.

Anxiety and thyroid imbalance

I have been reflecting on my life some the past day or so and feeling sentimental.

I wanted to make sure I said thanks to Healing Ways and t0 Barbel for all you've done for me.
I look back at where I was 4 years ago after having my 4th daughter and the state I was in. I was a mess. I am in such a better place now. Not everyday is perfect but compared to where I was it's pretty close. There is always room for improvement and I feel I am still on that journey.
I wouldn't be where I am without you and Barbel. I feel you are like family to me. I owe you a lot and probably could never repay it.
I don't believe I could be starting this new adventure of leaving my stressful job and staying at home with my girls if I didn't have the confidence that I now have. That confidence comes from the absence of daily anxiety and a clearer mind. I use to feel I was just surviving each day. I now feel like I'm living each day.
I know the Lord heard my prayers and led me to Healing Ways. Barbel not only helped me physically, mentally, emotionally, but she also gave spiritual guidance. That is something you do not find in conventional medicine and it was something I needed. I was treated as a whole person and not just pure symptom base.
Thank You again. It wasn't an easy journey but it was worth it for all the knowledge I have now. I hope I can give my children a better start and support than I could have before.
I do look forward to a future appointment with Barbel to keep my health journey on track.

Cancer – a holistic approach

I have been seeing Bärbel for several months as part of my recovery from colon cancer. I have had surgery and treatment from my medical doctors, but I felt it was important to support my body and immune system with a Naturopathic approach as well. I have experienced better sleep, digestion, and less pain since working with her. I believe the knowledge and guidance from Healing Ways is a vital part of healing from this disease long term.

I followed Bärbel's advice and had a root canal and old mercury fillings removed with her preferred dentist, Dr. Michael Rehme. Normally I would stay awake for 2 to 2 1/2 hours after getting up to use the bathroom at night. After having the root canal and metal removed, I started to go right back to sleep. It's hard being awake for that long at night, and I would be tired in the morning. I feel rested now. It's amazing and I am so thankful to Dr. Rehme and Bärbel for helping me understand the connection of my teeth and dental work on my health. The benefit was immediate, and I know I will be better able to heal and recover in the long term.

Headache sufferer found relief

I have struggled with migraines and headaches on and off for years. A friend told me to call Healing Ways and see Bärbel. After she used her bio-feedback testing, she gave me 2 homeopathic bottles to take for the headaches - and they are gone! I am impressed, and happy I listened to my friend. I have now continued to go to Healing Ways for other health issues and am working preventative care so I can continue to be as healthy as possible for the long term.

Big success in a short time

Hooray!!! Success!!!! As of about a week ago, my "gut" issues have essentially disappeared, my arthritic, painful knee is not painful anymore, I'm sleeping wayyyy better; sinus/allergies seem about the same. Also, I haven't had any breakouts since beginning your protocol---so THANK YOU

From Dr. with more energy

The work that we did together so far has made a great deal of difference in my energy levels and general health. Your openness, empathy and enthusiasm make as much difference as do the botanicals and other "medicines".

Thank you very much, Bärbel, you are an amazing healer.

“My chronic fatigue and pain are gone!”

"I have had chronic fatigue for 20 years along with neck and shoulder pain. I have been to see many practitioners and doctors but did not find the relief I was looking for.  Since coming to see Bärbel I have had amazing amounts of energy and finally no more pain! I haven't needed to go to the chiropractor in months now, and I used to go twice a week to deal with my pain. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Update from client working on digestive health and hormonal issues

I wanted to give you guys an update!  See below!

  1. More “natural” energy – it’s subtle, but I have realized that I get through my days with less stress (can handle stress better) – not everything is “fight or flight” anymore, it just flows more and I’m calmer.
  2. Bowels are good – My constipation has improved immensely and I am able to "keep moving" with the supplement you gave me, I adjust it as needed.
  3. I noticed an improvement in my emotional state, and can correlate the feelings of being "stuck" and "fearful" with my body and issues we are working on.
  4. I’ve lost about 5 lbs and it is coming straight off the problem areas I could NOT lose from (breasts, hips, bottom, back of my arms).  I have NOT been able to get under a certain weight for TWO years (since my son was born) no matter WHAT I did – I mean I tried everything from exercise to different diets (Weight Watchers, Nutri-System, Medifast, 21-Day Fix, Counting Calories etc.)  ALL diets that worked for me in my younger years and my weight wouldn’t budge. But now I am FIVE pounds down in only 1.5 weeks – so very thankful for you Barbel!!!
  5. I am becoming more “present” and patient – this relates back to things just seeming to “flow” more instead of me having to push, push, push.
  6. My appetite is stable – I actually CRAVE healthier foods and any carb or sugar cravings have diminished to such a great degree, I don’t even notice them.  I also am just naturally prompted to drink more water and less coffee – I think my body is telling me I don’t “need” that caffeine any more.  In fact, just one cup of coffee makes me just a tad jittery and I don’t like it, so I may just go ahead and try to stop it altogether and go to Green Tea.
  7. I’m happier…..more peaceful, sleep feels sounder – things that I used to ruminate about, still bother me, but I find it easier to let them go.
  8. My complexion is far less red/ruddy – clearer, brighter without makeup.
  9. My thoughts are starting to become more organized – I don’t feel AS scattered and confused.

So there is probably more I’m not thinking of, but these are the major updates.  The changes are subtle, yet profound at the same time.  I don’t notice them as they’re occurring, but I’ll have a quiet moment and I’ll just “realize”….”hey, I’m really not all stressed out….I’m moving through the day without killing myself or feeling all forced and anxious…..” and I’ll smile. So THANK YOU for all you’ve done and I’m sure will continue to do for me Barbel – you are a gifted healer and I’m so grateful to have found you.  I look forward to continuing to heal and balance my body and to our next visit.

Chronic Lyme

I suffered with lyme and numerous other health problems for years, and had been through a lot before I found Healing Ways. I feel that Barbel saved my life. She is an incredibly intuitive healer and has a highly developed skill set to help individuals like me with chronic issues. My 6 year old son also had lyme and was struggling, so I brought him with me and have made Healing Ways our holistic health provider. We had been to many different doctors and practitioners trying to get well, but it was ultimately the team at Healing Ways that brought us through the dark times. Bärbel gave us the tools to make big strides in our health, but also supported our hearts through her guidance and caring when I had questions or was struggling. I feel like the team at Healing Ways is family now and my son and I love them!

Veteran struggling with major degeneration

It has been almost 20 years since I’ve been even remotely close to feeling as well as I feel today. It has taken me almost as much time to figure out what really happened to me and that I was not crazy. Not to mention, doing it alone (for the most part), confused, with an inefficient mind and limited resources. Conventional wisdom and modern medicine had just about written me off. For years I woke up not wanting to. The days and nights were too difficult and repetitive. I knew what was in store for me every day and I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life struggling for no apparent reason. I had lost all zest for life. There was no one to consistently remind me that there was plenty to live for. Unbeknowst to me, I was suffering from the ill effects of toxicity I was exposed to during my military experience.

There are names for what I was experiencing --- Gulf War Syndrome/CFS/Multiple Chemical Sensitivity/Gastrointestinal Disorders/Sleep Apnea/Restless Leg Syndrome, etc. A concrete diagnosis of any one of these esoteric ailments is very hard to obtain from a doctor because they are very controversial and political. Not to mention the bias I encountered as a veteran and a minority.

I had so many different symptoms from day to day, it was hard to keep up. I tried to keep a diary at times, but writing was more difficult than running a marathon. So I fought to take care of myself and keep my sanity intact.

Nothing made any sense to me; the reactions of my friends and family even made less sense. I had to keep reminding myself that I had always been a good person, friend, brother, father, son, because after so many years of suffering, everything I did revolved around my illness. Yet I kept my pride and integrity and didn’t resort to the usual escapes that people use (especially veterans).

I tried doing research on my own, when I could, with one eye open, because of my low mental capacity and energy level. I had to become more informed. I suspected that chemical and/or heavy metal exposure could be behind my many symptoms.

I have spent a lot time and money over the years trying to find a cure, or at least things to mitigate my symptoms (mostly vitamins and herbs). My doctor at the VA is understanding and genuinely tries to be helpful, but he has yet to find me any treatment for GWS/CFS, etc. I have seen my fair share of doctors, after which, I ended up where I started. Then along came Bärbel and Healing Ways. My life and health started to change.

I met her at health fair, and after talking to her for a few minutes, I knew she was the person I needed. Right from the beginning she was open to the possibility of causation I presented to her. Moreover, she was open to me telling her my story and did the most important thing in this process --- she listened! That helped restore my sanity and boosted my self-confidence.

From the very beginning, she had a plan in mind, but also she had an end time. That was very unusual for me to meet someone who not only thought she could help me, but was confident that I wouldn’t be a patient forever. This I had never heard before. She was confident about my own recovery before I was. She shared this vision with me and eventually I came around to believing it.

Right from the start she knew my condition was complex, serious, and would take some time to heal. She made that quite clear! She validated all my strenuous efforts to keep myself afloat. She acknowledged that all those vitamins and herbs I took over the years did keep me functioning above the level where I should have been. No one knows how difficult that was for me. It was a constant struggle to find out if anything helped or hurt, to sift through all my symptoms and figure it out. I didn’t have to do that anymore, as I found someone who knew more than I did about natural health and supplements, a process I was trying to figure out myslef. That also decreased my anxiety and stress, triggers for feeling worse. Stress kicked off the deterioration, and then my body just became discombobulated.

With my chronic, mysterious, painful condition, I felt it was a constant struggle to stay alive and want to stay alive. The testing with the biofeedback equipment supported my own theory of toxins in my system, and poor gut and immune function. She took her time to explain everything to me, even though my focus wasn’t very clear. Bärbel’s methodology is complete and dynamic - constantly adapting to the myriad of bodily changes I underwent. She put me back together like Humpty Dumpty. Painstakingly and earnestly helping me get a combination of supplements and homeopathics to support my body in the detox, healing, and rebuilding I needed. I would not be as I am today without her: hugely recoved from my illnesses, and on the long term road to staying healthy.

Much “Thank yous” to you, Bärbel, and to the staff of Healing Ways!

A way of life – guidance for success and long term health

I’ve generally enjoyed good health, but now in my early forties I have recently suffered a number of health-related issues (exposure to mold, parasites, and a traumatic fall) that combined together have impacted both my sleep and motivation, leaving me feeling chronically fatigued and generally unwell.  Having tried both traditional and non-traditional options with mixed success, I turned to Bärbel at Healing Ways at the recommendation of a family member.  I could not be happier with the results!  After six months of health consultation and natural supplement/homeopathic remedy treatments, my energy level is back up and I have regained the motivation, focus, and drive to get things done and to function well again.  My sleep is greatly improved and I have learned to turn off the “work switch” and allow my body to get the rest it requires to heal and rejuvenate.  One key point to note here is that I started to see positive and tangible results within the first month.  Bärbel’s detailed knowledge of the human body and nutrition, coupled with helpful real-word behavioral recommendations, have been hugely beneficial.  I highly recommend Bärbel and the team at Healing Ways for anyone wishing to feel their very best, leveraging all natural methods, and focusing on the underlying causes verses simply treating the symptoms.  Thank you, Bärbel, for equipping me with the tools and life-style guidance to better manage my health and regain overall wellness.  Your enthusiasm, passion, and genuine care is truly outstanding and greatly appreciated!

Why I chose Healing Ways for my family’s health care

Overall, our family was typically healthy with no weight or chronic issues until we experienced frustrations with traditional health care practices for our oldest son during his adolescent years.  Over the span of 8 years, our son was seen by several health care practitioners who were readily eager to prescribe costly medications that only masked his illness symptoms and did not resolve any of his conditions.

Through due diligence of our own of searching for alternative remedies, we were educated about holistic/homeopathic experts who utilize bio energetic techniques to identify the “cause” of health concerns, even before they become an issue.  Within just a week after seeing Bärbel and receiving a tailored “recipe” of supplements our son quickly began to see immediate improvements that have resulted in full remission of his condition.

After experiencing these life changing results for our son, our entire family began going to Healing Ways for what we thought were preventive measures.  However, thanks to Bärbel, my younger son and I no longer suffer from any seasonal allergies or take any over the counter medications for treatment.  Also thanks to Bärbel’s pep talks on adverse effects of various foods, we have also fully embraced a healthier eating routine that has helped save us money over the course of every month.

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