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Dr. Rehme – A Healthy Choice for Dental Care
A Non-Toxic Choice for Holistic Dental Care.

In 1992, Dr. Rehme became a mercury-free dentist and began on a unique journey towards developing a holistic dental practice in St Louis Missouri. Nutrition soon became an important part of his practice too, as he saw the intriguing relationship between the mouth and the rest of the body.

Ondamed is an integral part of our practice with many applications for your health and wellness. Ondamed believes in truth and ethics and delivers these essential ingredients within its products and within the people that are part of the Ondamed teams worldwide. Learn more about this wonderful therapy by visiting their website.

Dr. Dale’s Wellness Center

Dr. Dale’s interest in non-invasive therapies became her passion when she was diagnosed with a uterine tumor at 22 years of age. After healing herself of the tumor by herself in six months using only natural medicine, she decided to make natural medicine her career. She completed her Naturopathic Studies in Europe.

Biomed in Canada

Biomed’s purpose since 1995 is to provide quality proven remedies, protocols and education to help improve your patients quality of life.

Naturopathic and Biological Medicine principles are central to what makes Biomed different. Our catalog offers products that help the ‘root cause’ and our education spreads knowledge of new clinical applications and the physiological understandings behind them.