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ONDAMED® Therapy may help you rebuild your health!

Research shows that low frequency, pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) can stimulate healing processes in your body. Through biofeedback scanning, the peerless ONDAMED® system enables us to select frequencies to apply as “energy therapy.” And then ONDAMED® delivers these tissue-specific frequencies therapeutically, precisely targeting your issues.

There are only 15 locations in North Carolina that provide this therapy.

We apply these specifically tuned frequencies as magnetic pulses that induce enhanced production of micro-currents associated with regeneration, activating healing responses in the targeted tissues. According to Dr Kessler, these micro-currents have electrical balancing effects that make them powerful antioxidants as well. Oxidation of tissue is widely regarded as a primary factor in accelerated aging, so ONDAMED®’s safe, gentle electromagnetic energy waves could help you postpone the pathology of aging as well.

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Specific frequencies address common conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis, pain relief, stress, sleep disturbance, addictions and candida infections, among many others.

Can you benefit from ONDAMED®?

We believe almost everyone can benefit from ONDAMED® Therapy. ONDAMED® can be beneficial alone or it can complement other therapy. If you are recovering from trauma or disease, dealing with chronic pain, fatigue, or bone loss, or if you are generally healthy and want to increase vitality, ONDAMED® may help you build up your resistance and stamina and feel better. Clinical studies, as well as our experience at Healing Ways, show that pulsed electromagnetic therapy can help to

  • Reduce pain, inflammation and edema
  • Facilitate cellular repair and regeneration
  • Improve blood circulation and activate lymphatic drainage
  • Support elimination of toxins
  • Promote absorption of nutrients and minerals
  • Improve sleep patterns and mood, and increase vitality
  • Reduce the harmful effects of geopathic and environmental stress
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During an ONDAMED® session at Healing Ways, the client sits or reclines comfortably in a chair, fully clothed, and the session typically takes up to an hour. The practitioner places applicators appropriately and scans the body with a range of supportive frequencies to determine which ones are best as therapy. Individual results vary. Programs addressing chronic conditions usually work best with repeated applications over weeks or months. Other therapies may give lasting benefit with just one application.

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