Keeping Ahead of Modern “Superbugs”

Keeping Ahead of Modern “Superbugs”
Our immune systems are facing increasing challenges these days in coping with new kinds of infections. Some of these immune challenges stem from changes in the environment and others from changes in pathogens themselves. In order to stay ahead of these changes, it’s important to know what they are and to be proactive in protecting and preparing your immune system to confront the new superbugs.
As civilization becomes ever-more-widespread and human populations increasingly dense and mobile, more and more of us are being exposed to bacteria and viruses that we have never had to worry about before. The speed with which your body can cope with such exposures is a key factor in how sick you might get, and if your immune system is in top condition, you might not get sick at all. But if it’s not, and especially if you’re coping with multiple exposures, you might find yourself in serious trouble.
Part of the problem is that, as immunologists have been discovering, germs are a lot more clever than they used to get credit for. Not only can they adapt to our efforts to control and eradicate them, but they can also develop new strategies for causing us misery and even enter into alliances that enable them to gang up on us in new ways called¬†co-infections.¬†If all this isn’t bad enough, germs are finding chronic inflammation in our bodies a very hospitable environment for colonization. And once there, they are very good at making themselves comfortable and making us miserable.
As a Naturopath, I am optimistic that my clients can heal, almost no matter what immune challenges you’re facing. But how long it takes (and how much it costs you, not just in dollars but more importantly in your enjoyment of life) is usually a result of your own proactive steps to build up and maintain a healthy immune system and bodily “terrain” that is free of inflammation and degeneration.
And that’s where I can help you best: helping you to stay free rather than get free of some very nasty conditions that are becoming increasingly common. If I haven’t seen you lately, now would be a good time to call and make a date to see how you’re doing!