Green Drink Recipe

Bärbel’s famous “green drink” is a nutritious, energy packed smoothie she swears by. Here is the recipe:


·    1 cup of spinach, kale, or other greens of your choice

·    1 tsp. or scoop of green powder, such as Perfect Food Raw Greens

·    1 whole grapefruit juiced or peeled

·    2 stalks of celery

·    1 small cucumber 

·    1 avocado 

·    8 oz. coconut water

·    1 tbsp ground flaxseed and/or chia seeds (optional)

To add a little sweetness, especially if you are new to green smoothies, you can add an apple. If you don’t care for a particular ingredient, you may leave it out or add another fruit or vegetable in it’s place. Using a good quality blender helps make this green smoothie smoother and creamier. 

“This breakfast drink has been one of the most successful tips we have ever given to our clients. They in turn have shared this recipe with their friends or loved ones because it’s so convenient, delicious and healthful.  I get reports back that it has lowered their blood pressure to normal ranges, given them strength to face the day, stamina all through the day and no hunger feeling for hours.

“I use it daily and it has saved me many times because I just didn’t have the time to eat breakfast. I put my whole blender-full in a quart bottle and coffee cup and run with it. It lasts me all morning through lunch time until I can get a break. I often feel like the energy bunny – this drink makes it possible to just keep going and get healthy at the same time.”  – Bärbel Aldridge