What is naturopathy?

Naturopathy is a comprehensive system of health care emphasizing the use of natural therapies to prevent illness, support healing and promote health. Naturopathic practitioners do not resort to invasive treatments or remedies with harmful side-effects. They take a holistic approach to health that may emphasize various methods from a wide range of approaches including nutrition, homeopathy, internal cleansing, hygiene, and the therapeutic application of natural substances and energies. In general, these therapies aim to restore health gently rather than treating disease aggressively.

Do you take insurance?

The short answer is no. Our products and services are for holistic health and wellness, and are not medical, therefore most medical insurance does not cover them. A small number of our clients have policies that have allowed them to receive reimbursement for natural therapies. Contact your insurance provider or employer to find out what provisions they may have for alternative health care.