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“Symptoms of disease are the outward signs of imbalances in your body’s energy field,” according to Bärbel Aldridge, ND. This field, in bioenergetic theory, consists of a range of energy frequencies that correspond to the individual vibrations of all your body’s organs and systems. As in a symphony orchestra, each instrument in the ensemble of the human organism must interact harmoniously with the whole, or else disharmony and dis-ease result.In our view, disease expresses disharmony in your body on the primary, bioenergetic level of health. Bioenergetic testing and therapies address the energetic causes of problems, naturally helping your immune system to work more effectively by “tuning in” healthy, harmonious energy, “toning down” inharmonious frequencies, and “tuning out” negative, pathogenic vibrations. At Healing Ways, we believe that bioenergetic assessment and therapy will become a major component of health care in the future. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to bring it to you today.

Naturopathy supports your immune system with wholesome, natural therapy. Suppressing symptoms makes energy disturbances worse by increasing tissue toxicity and energetic blockage and imbalance. In our view this approach furthers degeneration that is often mistaken for “normal aging.” We apply bioenergetic therapies using bioresonance technologies in combination with highly effective traditional naturopathic means of evaluation and therapy.

Bioresonance technologies including therapies that enable us to tap directly into your body’s internal information system of energy meridians to detect and correct energetic disturbances. These approaches, combined with therapeutic applications of the ONDAMED® Biofeedback System, make Healing Ways Holistic Health one of America’s leading centers for bioenergetic evaluation and therapy.

Bioresonance and pulsed electromagnetic biofeedback technologies are the result of over 50 years of international research into the applications of frequencies from the electromagnetic spectrum, including sources like light, sound, and magnetism, in health assessment and therapy. This research has led to the development of techniques that enlist these forces of nature to strengthen your immune system. Biofeedback, your body’s reflexive response to information, tells our trained, experienced practitioners when something is good or bad for you.

Combining bioenergetic therapies with biofeedback techniques enables practitioners at Healing Ways to determine what therapy is most beneficial for you and to administer it efficiently. Our clients have been delighted with their results, and you too can find real health care that is not based on invasive tests and toxic therapy at Healing Ways Holistic Health.

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