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Green Drink Recipe

Bärbel's famous "green drink" is a nutritious, energy packed smoothie she swears by. Here is the recipe: Ingredients:       ·    1 cup of spinach, kale, or other greens of your choice ·    1 tsp. or scoop of green powder,…

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Food Combining Made Easy

  “Food combining” is the theory of combining different food groups like proteins, fats, carbs, dairy and fruit so that your digestive system does the best job it can to fully digest and absorb the food you eat for maximum nourishment…

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Yes/No Foods List

"Food is a very important part of one's health and, I believe, healing. I often share a list of foods that I, personally, avoid, explaining why I avoid them and what I use as an alternative!"~ Bärbel Aldridge, Naturopath  I avoid…

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Cold / Flu

Many of you ask about ways to protect and boost your immune system during cold/flu season. Here are some of our favorite items for boosting the immune system and fighting viral infections. When considering what to take to keep your immune…

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