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We’re here to rebuild your health, not just paint over problems with superficial treatments that leave underlying causes untouched. Many of our clients come to us seeking alternative medicine, homeopathic treatment, holistic health treatment, and bio energetic therapy. We believe in your innate ability to heal and specialize in guiding you to the right therapy for your specific concerns.

Bärbel Aldridge Naturopath, the founder of Healing Ways, brings over 25 years of experience in non-medical, natural health science to your session. As a naturopathic specialist in “energy medicine,” she works with a type of investigative method that uses acupuncture points to measure the energetic vitality of the organs and systems of your body. She leads a team of providers who can apply additional services to help rebuild your health, and help you reclaim the life you want.


Bärbel Aldridge

is a Naturopath and the founder of Healing Ways Holistic Health. She founded Healing Ways in 1990 to pursue her passion for helping others.

Bärbel completed a degree in Business in Hamburg, Germany. She worked in Germany and Switzerland before moving to the United States where she later started her family.

She has studied Psychology, mentoring, and many disciplines of natural health over the years. She became an American Board Certified Naturopath in 2001 after graduating from the International College of Naturopathy in California. After intensive study in the United States, Canada, and her native Germany, Bärbel Aldridge was certified as a teacher and instructor of holistic techniques. She has presented trainings and lectures on energy medicine and other
subjects internationally for many years.


"We take the time to listen, understand your goals and help you overcome your health challenges."


Mission statement

We are dedicated to providing individualized holistic care to promote and support your health. At Healing Ways, we recognize that you are unique, and we specialize in finding the best natural healing alternatives for you. We believe in inspiring you to take responsibility for improving your health holistically, and we encourage and support your pursuit of health in mind, body and spirit.

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