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    we promote your full recovery with advanced, non‐invasive health assessment and health‐rebuilding therapy. We’ve helped many clients recover from a wide range of health conditions – even those who have been suffering for years. Let us help you, too.


    use non-invasive methods and provide natural, non-toxic approaches to prevention and healing. As a specialist in energy medicine our Naturopath, Bärbel Aldridge, trained in Europe and America, brings a unique and advanced approach to biofeedback assessment and alternative therapy.


    specializes in helping clients recover from health issues using natural, holistic therapies and testing. When you schedule an appointment, we start by creating a customized wellness plan for you, as we believe no two people or cases are identical, and the solution shouldn’t be either.

    Success Stories

    • I was so energetic and uplifted in my outlook!

      I took on a 15- month political campaign.  I had never run for office before. It was an amazing experience and I must attribute my sustained energy and ability to take on such a monumental challenge and task to the healing that I felt from your treatment and recommended protocol.


    • I highly recommend Bärbel!

      Bärbel is truly amazing and I am very thankful for everything she has done for me. She offered me practical advice in between appointments which helped in the healing process. She empowered and guided me toward overall wellness.


    • Thanks again Barbel, for giving me LIFE!

      I just wanted to thank you for well.... everything. You were such an inspiration in my life, so full of knowledge, and know-how, and guidance, and just pure love. You healed my body into giving life to not one, but two, healthy babies. You were very patient and understanding, and I hope forgiving, as it took me a long time to pay my outstanding balance. You have been a beacon of light in my life, and I hold you near and dear to my heart.


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    Support your health & wellness with the highest quality Hemp & CBD products. Ask us about hemp products during your next visit.